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"I have worked with Stan Benda intermittently for about twenty years. In my opinion, Stan is the most competent lawyer practicing contract law that I have ever known. Stan has a unique capability to draw upon a near infinite portfolio of analogies to assist in getting his ideas and concepts across to the legally challenged, such as myself. He has a wonderful sense of humour that can provide a real lift during those long hours of negotiation, or other legally related delights. In summary - Stan is a highly competent lawyer, and a good person!"

—Dr. Glenn H. Coulter, President, Integrity Intellectual Property Inc.,

"Stan provided, for almost twenty years, superb IP and contract law advice and training to Agriculture Canada's Research Branch management and scientists. He's a great resource"

— Dr. John Culley, Director (ret), AAFC Intellectual Property Secretariat

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Stan Benda at a number of international agricultural treaty negotiation meetings between 2004 and 2006. During this time Stan was a key adviser to the Canadian delegation and I had a similar role in the Australian delegation. Stan is a clear thinker and an excellent negotiator who is always looking to adopt a pragmatic approach to the law in an effort to find the quickest and easiest route to the desired outcome. Stan’s approach is underpinned by his very deep understanding of the intellectual property, liability and other issues which are integral to research, breeding, technology transfer and product sales in the agricultural and horticultural industries."

— Brett Walker, General Counsel at CSIRO, Australia

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Stan Benda for many years, both in the domestic front as a researcher and Manager of one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Research Institutions and as Head of the Canadian Delegation at numerous meetings for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources and its related Standard Material Transfer Agreement. Stan as consistently provided timely and sage advice, and did so under extensive external pressures found at many International UN type-settings. Stan brings a extensive background in Law, intellectual property and negotiating skills. This is coupled with his clear thinking, logical approaches to complex issues which contributes significantly to desired outcomes. He carries a unique sense of humour which is added benefit in all night grinding negotiation sessions."

— Dr. Campbell Davidson, Head, International Science (ret) AAFC

"Stan is not only a great IP lawyer but also a great teacher. During the 15 years that I worked with Stan I learned everything that I need to know about contract law. Stan helped us through countless negotiations and contracts and helped train many of our staff. By drawing upon real life experiences to get his point across he demonstrated his depth of knowledge and experience and made learning fun. When he left our organization, he left a huge hole."

— Sandy Bresciani, Licensing Manager, Saskatoon